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Id amor vs Duladi : Comparison Al alaq vs Yesaya 1

previous Duladi (Islamic hater) challenging paragraph comparing the Koran and the Bible at the site

duladi write:

Because the Qur'an is a book that the content is not more than a collection of words, then how good we try to compare the Qur'an with one of the book are in the Bibel (Bibel is too broad because when you try compared with a book of the Qur'an). Bibel not only contains a collection of words, but also contains the story of the history of the past. Therefore, the Quran will be comparable if we try comparison with a book of the prophet Isaiah, how Romadi?

Isaiah 1:2. 2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

Try to open our first paragraph of the Al-Alaq 1 & 2:

"Read in the name of your Lord Who created.,He created man from a clot.."

id amor / romadi answer

I will serve "challenge" according to your paragraph that you select above! = My previous Tantang to confront regularly Duladi (Islamic hater ) I have courage, and now he finicky paragraph to paragraph in compare with that first revealed in!

Now we compare with Qs Al-Alaq 1-8

1. we compare the contents / cargo command:

Read the Koran instructs, and then identify what really their origins = not only captures the "raw" this expression, for example, raw assessment is written like this!

*** Info like this is information that has been spoiled, anyone know if the man was born from a clot in the womb of the mother.

If we want to look kesinkronan or the relationship between the verses, such as the first two sentences with no logical relationship.
illustrations greeting people who are drunk, inconsequential talk origin and the origin of the dock is beautifully observed, whereas if heard by others who heard it will feel awkward and insipid .***

which I quoted above is very clearly how raw and piciknya resourceful people who rate such! = Only see it from the skin only!

This command is caught in shallow and insular as it is! He is not thinking that many people know that it is derived from the womb of the mother and a clot., but how many of them forget to understand their origins are!

Attitude forget oneself to make it behave imperious, arrogant, humble fellow!
Because if he will realize his origin then what will he arrogant?
Because he only comes from something icky!

But in this case who is clearly intoxicated person and as just chatter? Because of the fact that he respond and responses are very far away context!
But the statement duladi as he is told himself, which is inconsequential talk and drunk people as I known!

we continue on the wisdom / Qs wisdom of Al-Alaq.

The command is the first reading is not heard, said ,recognize , etc.

What is the wisdom behind the "read" we note the true meaning read!

Read: 1 attention with what he is able, so he knows what he = see if he had eyes "physical" normal and he should consider it correct that view, until he really understands what he see? What is the form of events, events, letters, etc. = that eventually he will get the knowledge of what he see?

But if the eyes of "physical" not working properly! he can read with the "feeling" because he still have "eyes"! drawbacks can still get away in his knowledge! Reading can still touch what he can read the letter = braile

But now we compare the specific command "read" and "hear" in the context of a comparison Qs Al-Alaq and the Book of Isaiah!

If the hearing / ears do not work properly if he can use "other hearing"?

So it seems that the ears are not functioning properly, whether he can get to hear the other, besides how to read? (read sign language)

In fact, in comparison questions "read" and "hear" the words read out the content more deeply the wisdom / wisdom that can take

After the "read" as a way to get knowledge, there is the next part is very important from the command read, namely the "read / gain knowledge" must be the name of your Lord who created.

Wisdom / hikmahnya what?

Subtansi message
importants is "to remember that God created", namely the phrase: the name Rabb (God) who created!

But the wisdom of a balance between the importance of a "Think" and "Dzikir" between intellect and heart = between analyze and understand that something must be balanced all of this is to create a balanced, but = think that all there is awareness that created it!

But scholarly that he can build a more proper to himself "the creator" not vice versa.

An analysis of the search and "wild" so keep it to "the creator"!

Now we proceed to a paragraph on both of them!

2. He has created man from a .

hikmahnya what?

The main issue is not the issue or know but do not know whether he understood the wisdom about what it is!

That is an awareness / remind people that come from something that menjijikan, as a contemptible does not mean etc..

This message is a message "to know themselves who will himself" attitude not forget them, because they know themselves with the attitude he will keep the attitudes morgue, morgue, be proud, proud descendants of origin!

Because you come from anywhere whether patrician, people, poor people, rich people, from Israel, Europe, Asia, the Arab in the eyes of God no more, which is: "rotation" docile and subservient attitude will be the commands from the God, as in other verses:

13. O mankind, We created you from a male and a female and made you into - the nations and tribes so that you know-know each other. Indeed, the most noble of you with Allah is the most godly of you. Allah is Knower, Aware Understanding.

every man is given the advantages and shortcomings, but all is a test!
given the excess will be tested "Fortunately sense" to the grace of God will have the pleasure he received, but given the lack of time iadi is tested for "patience"

thus human-like crest ambition origin, based on the humble origin of human rights have not select and choose never born from where?

Are there people that the Arabs because he was an Arab?
Are there people that the people of Israel because he chose as the people of Israel?
Are there people that Chinese people because he so choose Chinese people?
Are we now a citizen of this country as part of Indonesia previously chose Indonesia as a person?

It had not?
So, if there is a man who so apriori of a nation so conscious he steps syetan, because the pride of their origins, and minimize / harassing other people only on the origin of the person and he did not choose where he comes from !

The pride and attitude to make his reluctant subject and obedient will be the command of God he is not feasible in Heaven must terusir =!

Creatures that are in heaven sombongpun in usir must not be feasible, especially with the full human sins and shortcomings still inside, so it is not feasible to get a "Photobucket Abadi"

So this is in accordance with the message the prophet Muhammad:

"Will not enter heaven in the hearts kesombongan.walaupun only replied"

so strange and so there konyolnya people "accused" Islam teaches that the morgue, which is only based on the understanding and knowledge meanly banality and the question of Islam!

Now we proceed in paragraph 3-5

3. Read and thy Lord Most Gracious,
4. Teaching (human) with perantaran Kalam
5. He taught people to know what is not.

Back again to be "read" the will of the previous origin and always remember God as Creator, the birthday is about "people who initially" did not know anything "because of the cheapness of God so people know = get / have the knowledge that Kalam was given through / mediator

But how human attitudes and responses will be "Star God" is?

Can we see the next paragraph:

6. Know! Indeed, the human truly exceeds the limit,
7. because he sees himself self.
8. Indeed, only to thy Lord turn (you).

After the man appeared to get cheapness God had even exceeded the limit = behave overstatement!

Most men forget themselves saar given the profusion of delight as they felt that what the ketahuinya is enough!
To make conclusions, conclusions that are very, very far from the truth, and he be proud-proud that he knew that,
he does not shrink berate the law of God!
Perhaps the provisions of God, etc.

Humans are not aware that life is not eternal in this world there is time to be abandoned and must return to face God mempertanggung jawabkan each perbuataan that he did dikehidupan world!

Now we compare with the book of Isaiah

2. we compare who governed in the paragraph!

a. comparison message to whom?

For more clearly we need to look again begin the first paragraph

Isaiah 1:1
Vision that has seen Amos about bin Isa Judah and Jerusalem in the days Uzia, Yotam, Ahaz and Hizkia, kings of Judah.

Then, after we consider it correct that the Scripture is clear Isaiah is not the Word of God, but only the opinion of bin Isa Amos!

And pesannyapun very clear only to "a group of people" is not a universal message for all mankind!

So it will be here until there is the question:
Are those crest-banggakkan (Duladi) this book of the people of Israel?
Or descendants of Israel?

Not the descendants of other nations (non-Israel) that diilustrasikan "shirts with a hawaiian" by Jesus?

QS al-alaq very clear that as reading is the "human"
Meanwhile, in Isaiah 1:2-3, which governed the heavens and the earth, so in this case are very clear Qur'an more clearly and firmly that this paragraph for the people, but only 2-3 in the Isaiah verse that you see it clearly, and also firmly that governed hear is the heavens and the earth =

So whether Duladi and Romadi among the people, or Earth / heaven?

b. comparison in the illustration

see Isaiah 1:3

Isaiah 1:3 The cattle know the owner, but not Israel; donkey know manger provided master, but my people do not understand. "

In the illustration submitted bin Isa Amos, the problems illustrate "the introduction of cattle and Keledai to master and the manger = subtansi message is about know / not sure.

What is the wisdom that dibangga-proud Duladi if this illustration better / more than a matter of great illustration of the importance of the Koran origin, and must be based with his name?

If a command should be based on his namannya then this is not just kenall or know who "resultant" but more than that. Namely "love" to God resultant wholeheartedly do not know as a "cattle and master" or simply do not know as "KELEDAI BY PALUNGANNYA "!

So very clearly illustrated in the case had used the word in the Koran Hikmatnya more depth.

In conclusion:

After comparing the two versions of the paragraph in the Koran than the Bible it is very clearly the difference!
Thus accusations-accusations Duladi taste more opportune for his ambition!
Differences between those who came from God and comes opus human will, very clearly the difference