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Exposing the lies of the "Answering Islam" team, especially Quennel Gale

By : answering christianty

This section is dedicated to expose the Christian liars of the "Answering Islam" team who have just gone way too far in their cheap attempts to not only attack GOD Almighty's True Religion of Islam, but also make up lies against some of the young Muslim scholars who are actively defending Islam on the internet.

First lie:

The liars of the "Answering Islam" team claimed that brother Qais Ali had left Islam. Qais Ali is a personal friend of mine. Not only he and I were involved in debates on Excite's Message boards and America Online Islamic Chat Rooms, but I also know him in person. We honest to GOD Almighty spoke on the phone.

Qais never left Islam!. It was a cheap Christian liar who named himself "Qais Ali" and said all kinds of negative things about Islam. He is obviously a member of the "Answering Islam" team since they were so swift in posting the lie about brother Qais Ali leaving Islam. They obviously were monitoring the fake Qais Ali and documented his lies. They had a plan.

See my further rebuttal and exposition to Jochen Katz's weak and decieving references that did not provide any proof or evidence that brother Qais Ali left Islam:

My rebuttal to Jochen Katz on "Exposed Lies of the Answering Islam team".

My response to Jochen Katz rebuttal to my article "Exposing the Cheap lies of the Answering Islam team". Here I showed how Jochen Katz contradicted himself regarding the forged email that he created with my personal email address.

Second lie:

It has come to my attention that a member of the "Answering Islam" team had posted fake personal quotes of mine that supposedly prove that I am a racist and used the F*** Word. The liar who is called Quennel Gale is the member that I am referring to. He and I met on the ldjnet Message Board that no longer exists, and he repeatedly posted stuff under my name to confuse the reader.

As I mentioned above, I challenged this liar via email before Jochen Katz, Sam Shamoun, Silas, Denis Giron, and many others to swear on GOD Almighty that he did not fabricate the quotes about me, and the liar insisted on diverting the subject and not answering! They all remember the incident when we talked about about:

1- His god, Jesus, running for his life to Egypt from King Herod.

2- His gospel of porn - The bible literally sings praises about women's vaginas and breasts taste like "wine".

I challenged this lying missionary to swear on his god and bible that he didn't not fabricate these quotes about me. HE COULD NOT DARE to give an answer! Not only that, but as you see below, I even exposed his email harassments and spams with captured images.

The Message board did not require any login id. All you had to do is go to their web site at (which no longer exists), click on "Enter Forum", and you will be inside the board. You can either read what's posted in there, or you can post a new topic/response by simply clicking on either "Start a new topic" or "Respond to topic", enter your (1) Name, (2) Email address, (3) Topic description and then (4) The contents of your post.

One thing that is very good on that message board was, it allowed you to see the Internet IP Address of the post. Quennel Gale had so many of those Internet IP Addresses (because he posted from work, home and school and other places), and he also had many fake Characters such as "Muhammad Ibn Elohim", "Quennel Gale", "TAQ", "Osama Abdallah", etc...

This liar from the team of "Answering Islam" typed in my name "Osama Abdallah", and my email address and posted all kinds of garbage. He obviously had a plan since you can see all of his fake Osama's posts listed on his site under the topic "Osama's hate for everyone". This liar posted lies under my name and now he has them listed on his site to make me look bad and racist.

I am not responsible for everyone who names himself as "Osama Abdallah" on Message Boards!!

This coward obviously had a plan like the rest of the cheap "Answering Islam" team. He did it, and now he has it posted on his site.

This coward also uses an "Email Bomb" software against me. I also received "death threats" emails that had grammar that looked identical to his. Although I can't really prove it was him, but the writing style does look similar.

This is a small sample of this coward’s emails that he keeps sending to me. The above
image contains only 10 emails from the 143 emails that he sent to my AOL Account that I
have once listed on my main page.
I captured this "JPG" file after deleting most of his junk

email_bomb.jpg (43166 bytes)
Here is another image of email floods that I receive from Christian losers like
Quennel Gale and his Answering Islam team. I captured this image when I
checked my AOL email via the internet. This loser sent me 188 junk emails.
It's funny how I received an email bomb from a different email address after I
blocked Quennel Gale's "" address.

Quennel Gale is one of the active members of the Answering Islam team. I wonder why does he have to use this kind of cheap tactic to defend his Trinity belief. He is obviously frustrated and feels quite helpless to refute my material. That's why he cowardly tries to bombard my emails. I wonder if he'll ever respond to this one.

Just a quick note: We don't see him mentioning that he likes to be a vandalistic and do things against people even if these things are against his own religion on his web site, do we? No where on his web site do we see any mention of his bombardments on people's emails, do we? Mr. Gale, I wonder why you decided to hide this fact about yourself to the public? He makes up many lies against me, and he is a liar by nature. So please watch out from his writings.

Another quick note: We don't see the him nor his team giving me credit for (1) Linking their claims to my Responds to the so called Errors in the Noble Quran; (2) Nor we see them giving me credit for linking Christian Responds to the Errors in the Bible; (3) Nor we see them giving me credit for Posting Christian Responds to the articles of my site. They claim that I fear this loser Quennel Gale. Why should I link to a loser who uses foul languages in his articles against our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and puts cheap lies that he made up against me and other Muslim brothers. I enjoy debating good Christians. But I dislike very much debating silly losers like Quennel Gale and his cheap team. I have reasons for refusing to give certain losers popularity. I am most concerned with his masters (Answering Islam), and I have them linked on my site. I am not obligated to link to everyone. Beside, why should I link to him when he sends me email bombs.

Unlike him, I don't provide fake dead internet URL links to bogus fake claims, nor do I log in as other people and write all kinds of garbage and claim that it's theirs as he always does to the Muslims that he can't refute. Nor do I email people with other email addresses and use foul language and pretend to be somebody else as he always does. I provide PROOFS to prove how much of a pathetic liar he is. I decided to block his email address. It pains me to not get a chance to lead him and his associates to the light of Islam, but unfortunately, it is just too costly for me to keep receiving this kind of junk from the cheap Answering Islam team.

Please visit: My rebuttal to Jochen Katz on "Exposed Lies of the Answering Islam team".

My response to Jochen Katz rebuttal to my article "Exposing the Cheap lies of the Answering Islam team". Here I showed how Jochen Katz contradicted himself regarding the forged email that he created with my personal email address.

Third lie:

The following was an email sent to me by brother Shakoor Ahmed; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him:

"Also, answering-islam team are spreading further lies by claiming that Dr. Maurice Bucaille the author of the book The Quran, Bible and Science never became Muslim and the book was a hoax. However, this is not true, He did embrace Islam and he wrote another book called What is the Origin of Man? and produced a video called book of signs. You can read an interview with the author at the following site
Please expose this devious lie of answering-islam's team."

Please visit: My rebuttal to Jochen Katz on "Exposed Lies of the Answering Islam team".

My response to Jochen Katz rebuttal to my article "Exposing the Cheap lies of the Answering Islam team". Here I showed how Jochen Katz contradicted himself regarding the forged email that he created with my personal email address.

Fourth lie:

It has come to my attention that the clown Quennel Gale, a member of the anti-Islamic "Answering Islam" team, is claiming that I copy my material from brother Shabir Ally. Well, talk is cheap as this clown is very good at. Bring me the proof to where I copied anything from brother Shabir Ally's work. If I and brother Shabir or any other brother talked about a similar topic, then this wouldn't at all mean that any of us had "stolen" any of the other's work. When the reader reads my material, he would immediately realize that I have invested a lot of time researching, investigating and building the contents of the articles on my site. Every brother's or sister's work that I uploaded on my site has his or her name and email, or web site's address signed on the top of their article.

In fact, when I read Quennel's articles such as "Allah not in the Bible", and "Jesus' original name is not Eesa", I immediately see use of words and phrases that are Middle Eastern. I don't believe he could've came up with all of this on his own, because he is an African American as he claims and doesn't speak Arabic nor Aramaic nor Hebrew. He doesn't include any references to which web sites he came up with his nonsense from, nor does he give any credit to anyone. All of his material is refuted in the links listed above on this page. So I guess now, who is the real thief Mr. Gale?

I don't not need to "steal" anyone's work and wouldn't steal anyone's work anyway. I am not saying this to brag about myself. It's simply the truth. As I mentioned above, every brother and sister whom I uploaded their work on to my site, I made sure that I put either their name and email address or their web site's address at the beginning of their articles. Their work will be insha'Allah (if GOD Almighty is willing) preserved on my site for as long as my site lives.