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Rebuttals to web site

BY : Answering Christianty

Muslim web sites and are also dedicated to refuting the anti-Islamic site. Our own is also dedicated to refuting the infidels, and it is an alias that routes to this section.

The following table contains rebuttals to

*** In response to Ali Sina’s article “The World’s Greatest Showman”: “World's Greatest Jester”. A 118-page rebuttal!

  • In response to Ali Sina’s Article “Did Muhammad Perform any Miracles?”
  • *** Does Dr.Zakir Naik Really Fool the audience? A thorough and detailed rebuttal by brother Yahya Ahmed.

    *** Point-by-Point Response and Summary of My Rebuttal to Ali Sina.

    *** Ali Sina calling for the mass-slaughter of all the Muslims in the world. Also see this captured image.

    Their Articles: Responses:
    None. The man that is Ali Sina or as I say, Ali Zina - Sami Zaatari.
    Did Jesus escape crucifixion? Response by Sami Zaatari
    Samaritans and Moses. Response by Sami Zaatari
    Inheritance: Who taught Allah math? Response by Sami Zaatari
    Masjidul Aqsa - Didn't Allah study history? Response by Bassam Zawadi
    The Day of Judgement. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Sex in Paradise. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Shooting Stars, Allah's Missiles to Scare the Jins? Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Zakir Naik: Promoting Terrorism. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Genesis According to Muhammad. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Looting. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Importance of Sex in Islam. Response by Umar
    Juwairiyah. Response by Bassam Zawadi
    Mariyah the sex slave of the holy Prophet. Response by Bassam Zawadi & Umar.
    Did Women's Status Improve With Islam? Response by Bassam Zawadi.
    Response by Sami Zaatari.

    *** The stupidity of Ali Sina.

    *** Ali Sina and his clowns hit Rock Bottom of their Stupidity.

    1. Exposing Ali Sina's extreme hate and foul mouth Part I.
    2. Exposing Ali Sina's extreme hate and foul mouth Part II.

    *** Ali Sinas Mental State.

    *** Message to Ali Zina, Islam is winning, and you are losing, get over it.

    Fake or Real? - Supposed testimonies of Muslims leaving Islam on Ali Zina's site.

    Ali Zina does it again! Yes, he makes a joke and a fool of himself!

    Ali Sina breaks at least half of his forum's rules.

    More foul rubbish from Ali Sina.

    Why we call the FFI web site rubbish.

    Rebuttal to Faith Freedom: Muhammad is not predicted in Hindu scriptures.

    Rebuttal to Ali Sina’s article “Why be good if there is no afterlife?”

    Abul Kasem is no better than Doctors.

    Counter Rebuttals:

    1. Counter Rebuttal to Ali Sina's Response to My Rebuttal to His Article 'Looting'.
    2. Counter Rebuttal to Ali Sina's Response to My Counter Rebuttal Regarding 'Looting' (Part 2 of the Debate).